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Summer Reading for Adults!

The theme for summer reading is Exercise Your Mind — Read!  The Adult program begins May 31 and ends July 31.  For each book, ebook, audiobook or magazine you read and record on a reading log, you receive a stamp. Eight stamps complete the program and you can choose either a book or a water bottle!

For  a chance at winning a Fire Tablet you may write a short review of a library book, ebook or audiobook and turn it in for a Grand Prize entry form.  If you write a review of a book by an Indiana author, you’ll receive an entry form and a special prize! Last if you complete the Exercise Your Mind Bingo card and turn it in you’ll receive another chance!

Make this summer a reading summer!

Remembering Harper Lee

On February 17, the Novel Bunch Book Club met to discuss To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Two days later, Harper Lee at 89, passed away in the same town where she was born.

Nelle Harper Lee was born and raised in Monroeville, Alabama, the youngest of 4 children.  To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1960 and won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize.  It is considered one of the classics of American literature and greatly appreciated to this day!  Set during the 1930’s in the Deep South, it reflects adult prejudices and attitudes towards race in Monroeville, Alabama.  It is considered semi-autobiographical and was inspired by Harper Lee’s childhood experiences.  The character of Atticus Finch was based on her father, a newspaper editor who later practiced law and served in the Alabama State Legislature.

As a young woman, Harper Lee divided her time between Monroeville and New York.  A close friend of Truman Capote, she helped him do research for his book,  In Cold Blood. The character Dill is modeled after Truman.   After publishing Mockingbird, she almost never made any public appearances or granted any interviews. Her older sister, Alice Finch Lee, protected her interests.  Her novel was stirring and meaningful when it was published and still relevant today!


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